How to create a digital printing business using SVGs

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Multiple streams of income are the future.  The more you have the more financially secure you are.  That it why I am always on the lookout for more.


One that I recently heard about was t-shirt printing via a dropshipping company.  The basic ideas is that you design the prints and create a shop, and then a printing company deals with everything else.


It can be a fantastic passive income stream if you do it right, but the trick is in the design.  Don’t worry though, because I have got you covered.

Why set up a printing shop?

It is a very simple business model.  You create a website with WooCommerce or Shopify installed.  You then you a design site to create images that you want to be printed on to t-shirts.


Your website is then linked to a printing company, who, when an order is placed, print your design and ship it to the buyer.


There is no stock hanging around in your house, no fancy machine needed.  Everything you do is digital based and you don’t even need any clever graphic design skills.


With your website full of your printing designs, you can almost walk away and let it do its thing.  There should be limited involvement from you.  What a great way to earn money, eh?


What do you need to do?

Unfortunately, you do have to do some work at the beginning to get the company set up.  This is broken down into three steps:

Find a dropshipping printing service

You need to choose a company to fulfil your orders and there are a couple of things that you need to consider when you do this.


The first is the reputation of this company in relation to your customers.  Do they provide quality products?  What printing systems do they use?  How long do they take to complete the orders and ship them out?


The second thing to consider is how they work for you.  Are they easy to use?  Do they link up with your website?  What are their fees?


There are a few companies that offer this service, so make sure that you spend some time reading their reviews and check that they are a good fit for you and your customers.


Create a website

You are responsible for creating the platform that your customers visit to place their orders.  Your website needs to be able to convert browsers into visitors.


You can create a website on WordPress and install Shopify on it.  From here, you can then add the apps to link your shop to the printing company.


Keep your website simple and be clear on your branding and niche.  This will make in much easier to advertise in the future.


Design your products

With your website up and running and the printing service on standby, it is now up to you to stock your shops with the necessary designs.


Get creative and think of as many different ideas as you can that relate to shop’s niche.  The more items that you have in your shop, the more likely you will be to secure a sale when some lands on your page.


Think about products involving just text but images as well.  You will be able to add different colours and change fonts to increase your product range too.

How to use SVGs to create designs?

SVG stands for Scalable vector graphic.  These are a special type of image that can change in size without losing quality or image definition.


They are perfect for anyone working in the world of design because they give you the freedom to use your images on products of different sizes.


This is why they are useful to your digital printing business.  You may create a design for a mug, but then decide that it would make a great t-shirt or poster.


It is likely that your printing company will offer all of these things, but you don’t want to enlarge an image that starts to look pixelated when you do.


Choosing to use SVGs for this is perfect.  You can make your designs bigger or smaller for different products without worrying about whether they will retain their quality when you do.


Where to find them

There are lots of places to find these SVG images online, but my favourite is Design Bundles.  They have a huge choice and it doesn’t matter what project you are working on.


You can buy bundles of images for good prices and many come with a commercial licence included.  This means that you are free to using them for your printing business at no extra cost.


All you need to do is choose the ones you want, pay for them and then your download is ready.  They can then be uploaded to whichever design software you are using.


How to use them

You can use SVGs like normal images.  They can be uploaded and adjusted to suit your projects and design.


Owing to the huge range of SVGs available on the Design Bundles website, there are unlimited possibilities for how you could use them.


As well as for your printing business, you could use them for craft projects or to make prints from around your home.


Examples of SVGs

To help you understand the benefit of SVGs and how they can help you in the design phase of your digital printing business, I have an example for you.

This is the SVG file that I have chosen.  The design is fine by itself and it doesn’t need much editing to create a t-shirt design.  But want I do want to do is change the size of this to create a mockup of the product to put on my shop.

There we go!  We have created everything we need with very little effort and thanks to the SVGs without any loss of image quality.


Do you feel inspired to create a t-shirt printing business?

I would love to hear from you if you do.  What sort of designs are you going to produce?  What are you going to call your shop?  Let me know in the comment below.


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