Build a successful side hustle with the right branding

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With the recession news a couple of weeks ago, many of us maybe thinking about the security of our jobs. With that comes the security of our income.

Lockdown saw a rise in people starting new side hustles or businesses. Whether this was to supplement lost income whilst furlough or because they had more time on their hands.

But is it time that you pursued your small business dreams? And if so, how do you go about it to help ensure its success.

Why you should start a side hustle

One of my top suggestions, when I start working with people, is to start building multiple streams of income. This creates more income security so that if you lose your job you will still be making money through other sources.

Side hustles can also help you achieve your financial goals faster and they give you the chance to try out new skills and ideas.

There are lots of reasons why you should start a side hustles and not many reasons why you should not. You can commit as much or as little time to it as you like.

What can your side hustle be

There are lots of options for side hustles. Some of my favourites are:

  • Selling your freelance services on Fiverr
  • Tutoring
  • Testing websites with UserTesting
  • Subscription boxes
  • Digital products such as planners and organisers
  • Online courses
  • Social media manager
  • Virtual assistant
  • And many more.

I am a big believer in the fact that any skills or talents that you have can be turned into a business. You just need to figure out how you are going to market it.

Why is branding so important?

You branding is the message you are telling people when you are not saying anything. It is the underlying essence you and your business.

It can be the message between the lines as well as the visual elements that you put out in the world.

There is not a business in the world today that is able to avoid visual branding. Everyone has a website, a logo, social media channels or even just a business card.

Getting these visual elements to represent you and your new side hustle is an important part of the challenge.

Creating images and materials that fit your business

The best bit is that you can do this yourself and, even better, is that you can do it for free. I use a website called Canva to create all my logos and graphics for my business.

You can use it to create Pinterest graphics, website banners, Facebook ads, business cards, flyers, posters and more.

It is a great way to ensure consistency across your different platforms and is super easy to use too.

Where to get unique fonts

One important, but often overlooked, element of visual branding is the font. Consistency and uniqueness in your fonts can be a great way to help people recognise you and your business.

One of my favourite places to get free fonts is Font Bundles. They have a huge range of fonts that you can download and import into Canva and use across all your visual materials.

Where you can use your fonts

It is good to use your fonts wherever you are creating content that you are putting out to the public. These can include:

  • On your website – use them in the headers as well as in the articles and content. This is the first place your customers will look so is the best place to use them.
  • Social media – by using the same fonts in your social media posts as you have on your website, it will create a sense of security and familiarity when people click through to view your site.
  • In your emails – including your personal fonts in your email headers and promotional images will help tie everything together.
  • Printed materials – whether this is invoices, business cards, stickers or flyers. If it matches with your online content, then it will help join the two together.

Getting your logo right

Using the same fonts in your logo can really help complete your visual branding picture. Not all logos will include text, but some will have a tag line that goes underneath.

You also want to your logo to represent your business in some way. I wanted the logo for this site to represent the bisexual flag so I picked those colours because it demonstrates that immediately.

Think about the elements that are the core of your business and your message and find a way to get that across in your logo.

Plus, I believe that less is more when it comes to a good logo. Keep it simple and clean so that you aren’t diluting the image.

Matching up the colours

Colours are a big part of your branding. Deciding early on what you’re colour scheme is will make your life much easier.

There are several tools online that can help you choose a colour palette for your website, but typically you want to stick to around three main colours.

Canva can help you coordinate these across your images and texts with their brand kit feature. Here you can set your colours which means that they are only every a couple of clicks away.

Be sure to use the hex codes which look like #35b729 as these will make sure that you colours are the exact right shade. If you try and guess, sometimes then can end up looking very wrong.


Starting your own side hustle business is great fun and it can open so many doors for you.

Getting your branding right from the start will make things more efficient and will help you build your audience and customer base as they will recognise all the materials that you produce.

You can create all of the visual branding for free using the resources that I have mentioned. So tell me. What is stopping you from getting started?

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